ONBO 4200mAh 135C 2S2P HV Shorty Car Lipo Battery

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Product Description

ONBO 4200mAh 135C 2S2P 7.6V HV Graphene Shorty Car Lipo Battery

Model No.: OP-4200/135-2S2P/CAR-HV

Typical capacity: 4200mAh 

Typical Voltage: 7.6V 

Dimensions: 22mm*46.5mm*95.5mm 

Approx Weight: 202g  

Continuous Discharge Current: 135C(567.0A) 

Burst Discharge Current: 270C(1134.0A)     

High 135C discharge rating & HV Graphene is designed for rc car racing applications where extreme power is needed.

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