80C Hardcase lipo packs

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Product Description

80C OP-5800-/801S2P /CAR

op-5800-/80-1S2P /CAR
Model No.: op-5800-/80-1S2P /CAR
Typical capacity : 5800mAh 
Typical Voltage: 3.7V 
Dimensions: 18.5* 46.5* 93mm  
Approx Weight: 145g
Hardcase: Carbon
Plug: Banana Plug, T-Plug 
Continuous Discharge Current: 80C(464.0A)
Burst Discharge Current: 160C(928.0A)
Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max

This pack is suited to 1/12th scale on-road car racing and 1/10th scale oval racing such as RTR E10 DRIFT and World GT

rc car lipo battery pack Built with the highest quality single cells Engineered and optimized specifically for RC planes and RC cars unmatched energy and power density Increased flight time (about twice that of comparable NiMH packs) Significantly decreased weight compared to NiMH or NiC packs Smaller physical size to easily fit in your RC aircraft No memory effect The ability to supply current at high rate.

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