1. Q: How many do I need to buy? What kind of warranty do they have?

A: About the warranty,we will replace 100% within 3 months, and 50% within 6 months if our products are not good enough as per our specification. Thanks.

2. Q: How many days does it take to send the products from payment have checked?

A: Generally speaking, we will send out the batteries to you within 5-15 business days after the payment checked, so would you please make the payment to our bank account after your confirmation of your samples order, then I will arrange the production for you ASAP to make you get the payment earlier. Thanks.

3. What do business bonditions permit?

a.Term: FOB Hong Kong.          
b.Payment: Bank transfer in advance and PayPal for samples order.          
c.MOQ: total 100 packs for OEM.      

4. What is your recommended voltage for storage?

A: With 3.8-3.85V, 3.8V is better.

5. Q: Why are they inflating? Is it water vapors (moisture) that's building inside the cell?

A: About inflating, it's not with water vapors. As for lipo batteries, the status of inside is like" solid-state". So if the lipo pack inflating/swelling, that's due to over-charging or over-discharging which damaged the inside structure of the lipo packs materials, and caused the gas, which seems will be swelled.

6. Q: The Lithium Polymer Cautions:

A: Lithium Polymer Batteries and packs that are abused may cause damage to the pack or the device resulting in personal injury.

a.Do not expose the battery to extreme heat
b.Do not short circuit battery
c.Do not puncture or modify the battery or pack
d.Do not immerse the battery in water
e.Never reverse charge the battery
f.Charge only with charger specified by equipment manufacturer
g.Operating temperatures for charging are 0℃to 45℃

7. Q: Does your price include shipping?

A: Our quotation is based on FOB HK, which is not including shipping cost. Thanks.


1. All above lipos can be used with JST-XHR; (Align); JST-EHR; (Robbe/Kokam/Graupner); FP/TP; Polyquest types charging balance connectors as per your instruction. 

2. All above lipos usually used with JST-SYP/SYR; (BEC type); 3.5mm/4.0mm golden connector or two silicon wires out for power upon your request. 

3. 1mm²=18AWG; .1.5mm²=16AWG; 2.5mm²=14AWG; 4mm²=12AWG; 6mm²=10AWG; charging connector wires length usually=4-5cm; discharging connector wires length usually=8-10cm.

4. Usually with Red / Black PVC shrink; other color you prefer to use can allable. 

5. Capacity Measure: Charge CC-CV:0.5C/4.2V/3.5h; Discharge 0.5C/E.V.=2.75V, at 25 °C. 

6. OEM arrangement is welcome and customization for special tooling is also available upon request. 

7. For other items you need which are not listed in our catalog or website, please be free to inquiry to us. We can also provide solutions to you for your cases.
8. Specifications stated above are subject to change without further notice. Please consult ONBO sales Team for your inquiry timely. so be choose if available.